Elevating Edits By Adding Texture

Something that can really help make a photo pop is editing in texture. Adding texture creates more visual interest and can add more depth. For example, look at the photos below, I added the texture in the background. Keep scrolling to see the photos before I edited in the texture.




The Before: The Very Beginning

Below are what these photos looked like before I made my initial edits. The colors aren’t as dynamic and there are some flaws on the skin. As you can see there are also some pink hues on the white backdrop.




Preparing to Add Texture: Initial Edits

To prep the images before I started editing in texture, I made initial edits to the model’s eyes and skin. I brightened her eyes and I got rid of some minor skin blemishes. I then edited the color to my liking. For the first photo, I decided to keep the warmer tones. For the second photo, I knew I was going to be using an ice texture as a background, so I wanted the picture to be more on the cold side.



Editing Texture Into The Photo

Once I was ready, I brought the textures into Adobe Photoshop and adjusted the textures to my liking. The paint texture was originally black on a white background but I didn’t like that, so I changed it in Camera Raw to blue. I got both of my textures from textures.com. Below are the textures I used.





I then created a mask so that I could reveal the model while having the texture be in the background. Once I had the model how I wanted her, I then played around with the blending modes and the opacities of the textures. Overall, I would 100% recommend playing around with editing texture into photos. It can make a world of difference.

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