Using Color Lookup Themes

I have never used LUTs or color lookup themes, until recently. LUTs aren’t my preferred way of editing, but they do help bring a mood to a photo. For example, look at the photo below that I edited using LUTs.


Before: Initial Edits

Before I started editing with LUTs I decided to edit the original photo. This would give me a basis for my photo before I started adding color lookup themes. I added some contrast, edited his eyes, and made the color warm. Below is a photo of those edits.


Adding Luts

To add a color lookup theme in Adobe Photoshop, I created a color lookup adjustment layer. I played around with several LUTs and opacities. I eventually decided on a mixture of three LUTs.

This first photo is with the Late Sunset LUT.


Next, I added the Beach Bypass color lookup theme.


Finally, I added the Foggy Night LUT.


To get the final product shown in the beginning I adjusted the opacity of the different LUTs and added a mask to help the model’s skin look more natural.

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