Compiling my best work from comm 316 into a portfolio

For the last 4 months, I had the immense pleasure to be involved in COMM 316 also known as Professional Imaging. I learned so much from my teacher, Caryn Esplin, and my very talented classmates. I was able to build a portfolio with a wide variety of images and styles.

During this process, I discovered that although I like portrait and landscape photography, I also have a love for food and product photography. I love arranging the food and the product and making little aesthetic pieces to place beside them. I would say my photography style leans towards landscapes, food, and product photography.  Most of the photography that I would like to do in the future will be based in content creation for social media, so I am very excited to continue developing my style. I played around with different editing styles and as of right now I have decided to have rich browns and oranges and blue skies.

I love landscape photography because it allows me to see the beauty of the world through a new lens, literally. I love recreating the images I take to have a different mood or style. With food photography, I love how I can help people experience what something tastes like before they’ve even taken a bite. Product photography makes me so excited for every product I photograph. I love helping people feel excited about their purchases.

Below you can see some of the best work I have created throughout the duration of Comm 316, many of which involve landscape, food, and product photography. To see more of my best work you can view my portfolio by clicking on the portfolio tab in my menu.













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