Macro-photography: A World Right Beneath Your nose

I absolutely love macro-photography. It is a type of photography that I never get bored with. No matter what your subject is there is always a new detail to be discovered. I decided to try to rediscover the world that we take for granted through the lens of a macro filter.

To create macro-photography you need a long lens or a macro lens. If you are using a long lens you will also need macro tubes or macro filters. I captured the photos below using a macro filter.  I used 2+ and 4+ filters. At one point I even layered my macro filters to create +6 magnification.

Macro Things

Below are macro images I captured of various things that had interesting design, texture, and color.






Macro Flowers & Fruits

Here are some macro photos that I captured of flowers and fruits. By far, macro-photography of flowers are my absolute favorite.






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