What Is An Epic Portrait?

An epic portrait is a portrait that correctly exposes the sky and the subject. A lot of portraits perfectly capture the subject but often forget the beauty that is found in the sky. By showing both the sky and the subject within a portrait it gives the viewer more to appreciate, more variety to look at and it allows your subject to feel EPIC.

Creating An Epic Portrait

To create an epic portrait, I had my friend Ryan model for me. I first took a photo  where he was exposed well. Although he was exposed well you can see in the photo that the sky behind him is completely blown out.


Next I took a photo of Ryan but I exposed it so the sky would show up. As you can see below, you can’t see my subject at all.


I then took a third shot that would be my epic portrait. Because I wanted to have the sky and my subject exposed, I had to use external lighting. I left my settings on my camera to where the sky would be seen but my subject would be dark and I had the light pointed at him so that he would be well exposed when the flash went off.


To bring my epic portrait to even more epic proportions I edited it in Adobe Lightroom where I bumped up the contrast and saturation to bring more color to the portrait.


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