Shooting Landscapes during Golden Hour

Photographing nature is one of my favorite things to do with photography. I just love how instead of manufacturing a scene, I get to work with just what is in front of me. When I shoot landscape photos, I tend to be more observant of the beauty of nature all around me. Golden hour is typically the first hour after sunrise or the hour right before sunset. Golden hour gets its name from the golden hue that is cast in the sky. One way to up your landscape and nature photography game is to shoot your photos during golden hour because of the beautiful colors that appear in the sky.

Below you will find a few photos that I took just recently during golden hour.

NinaMantle-GoldenHourLandscapesflowers NinaMantle-GoldenHourLandscapesgreentree NinaMantle-GoldenHourLandscapesorgangesunsetclosersmoke NinaMantle-GoldenHourLandscapespurplesky NinaMantle-GoldenHourLandscapessunsethouse NinaMantle-GoldenHourLandscapessunsetsmoke

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