The Need for Food Photography

When it comes to food, our eyes can be just as hungry as our stomachs so it is important that food looks appetizing when it is photographed.

I decided to try my hand at some food photography. Harvest muffins are my favorite fall time dessert, snack, breakfast, treat, you get the idea, I eat them all the time! I decided to photograph my favorite muffins to hopefully show the world how delicious these muffins are.

Food Photography: Creating an Experience

The main challenge for me was capturing the textures of the muffin to help my audience experience the muffin visually instead of through their taste buds. I started to create this experience by taking up-close shots of the muffins so that my audience could have an idea of what the muffin looked like and felt like.

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY: Styling the Food

It may sound silly, but presentation matters. How the food is presented will change the mood of the environment. For my muffins, I wanted a warm cozy mood, so I placed my muffins in a small basket and surrounded it with fall foliage.

Creating Action in Food Photography

To put it all together I decided I wanted to add some movement to my shot. I initially played around with having someone cut a muffin or drizzling honey or butter on to the muffin but I didn’t feel like it would make sense because I have never placed honey or butter on these muffins. I eventually decided to warm up chocolate and squeeze it in between the two muffin halves and pull it apart. This felt more natural as there is already chocolate in the muffin. The end result had a nice chocolate stretch helping the muffin appear moist, gooey, and fresh out of the oven.

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