Exploring Lighting with Indoor Product Photography

Product photography is vital in the world we live in today. Many brands and businesses rely on social media to advertise and sell their products which require the use of multiple product photos. The trick to creating interesting photos especially when photographing a product indoors is to switch up the lighting.

Indoor product#1 using Natural and continuous light 

The first product I decided to photograph was a set of books that I received for Christmas last year. I am an avid reader, so I was excited to photograph a subject that I love.

I tried to capture the books from different angles to create a variety. It was a bit of a struggle since there aren’t many interesting sides to a book. I tried to highlight the cover. I used natural lighting as the main source of light and used a small continuous light to bright light to the more shadowy areas.

Indoor Product #2 – Speed Light

I really struggled with my second product. I had originally wanted to use bath bombs that were in plastic packaging but I accidentally damaged them when I tried to place the bag in some bubbles which activated the fizzy part of the bath bombs.

I then decided to use some of my favorite perfume. I placed a mirror beneath my perfume and sprayed some water onto the perfume and mirror to help create some texture. I then used a flash bender to highlight only the product and blackout the background.

As far as indoor product photography goes, I am quite happy with the way the light highlights my product. The background is simple which also helps bring the focus to my product.

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