The perfect Photo Spots

This last fall I had the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful spots that nature has to offer. A group of photographers and I took a photography excursion to Yellowstone and Island Park. I have visited Island Park before but I had never visited Yellowstone National Park before. It was amazing how beautiful each place was. I genuinely feel that each photo cannot do Island Park and Yellowstone justice.

I took several landscape photos in Island Park and Yellowstone. I bracketed most of these images in order to properly expose the sky and the foreground.

Island Park

In Island Park, I visited River Confluence and Buffalo River, both of which were absolutely stunning. I am so grateful I was able to photograph some landscape shots!

NinaMantle-landscapephotographyyellowstone&islandparkiverconfluence NinaMantle-landscapephotographyyellowstone&islandparkbuffaloriver


I had an amazing time visiting Yellowstone National Park for the very first time. I got to see so many wonderful sites like Mount Hayes and several geysers. I also got to see beautiful elk and geese. Nature is truly stunning! I love that I got the opportunity to capture these amazing sites.

NinaMantle-landscapephotographyyellowstone&islandparkmthayes NinaMantle-landscapephotographyyellowstone&islandparkmthayes2 NinaMantle-landscapephotographyyellowstone&islandparkwalkwaysteam NinaMantle-landscapephotographyyellowstone&islandparkrockygeyser NinaMantle-landscapephotographyyellowstone&islandparksunsetgeyser Ninamantle-landscapephotographyislandpark&yellowstoneelkportrait NinaMantle-landscapephotographyyellowstone&islandparkswaninwater

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