Elevating an ordinary spot into an extraordinary shot

There are so many beautiful views that we take for granted each day. Growing up, my mom always encouraged me to stop and smell the roses. So I decided to go out and smell the figurative roses of ordinary spots that I visit to find and capture an extraordinary shot. There are so many ordinary spots that I frequently visit so I went to these ordinary spots to search for some extraordinary shots.

The First Ordinary Spot and The Extraordinary Shot

The first ordinary spot I tried to see in an extraordinary way was in my apartment clubhouse. There is a foosball table. I haven’t ever played foosball but I have definitely walked past this table several times.


Looking at the table from afar it appears exceptionally ordinary, just a regular foosball table. But that was the issue. I was looking at the table in an ordinary way. Once I tried looking at the table from different angles, I began to see an extraordinary beauty that I was missing before. So I chose this place to capture my extraordinary shot.

Below is the extraordinary shot I was able to capture by looking from a new angle.



The Second Ordinary Spot with The Extraordinary Shot

My second location was even more of an ordinary spot to me. I decided to take a closer look at a flower bush right at the base of the stairway that leads to my apartment.


I decided to get out my macro lens to get an up-close look at the details of the flowers. In the extraordinary shot, I captured you can see all the tiny extraordinary details that make focusing on the smaller things absolutely worth it!


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Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot!

Ordinary Spot, Extraordinary Shot