Recreating the About Time Movie Poster: The Why

I decided I wanted to put my photoshop skills to the test by recreating the About Time movie poster. The photo selected for a movie poster is possibly one of the most important decisions made when advertising a movie. If the photo doesn’t look interesting, no one will want to see the movie.

I wanted to learn what went into creating a movie poster, so I decided to recreate the poster from About Time, a movie about a young man who learns he can travel through time. During his travels, he learns the importance of not taking simple moments for granted. The love of family and learning to love the mundane things of life is why I adore this movie so much.

Below is the original About Time movie poster that I was trying to recreate.

The Challenges of recreating the about time movie poster

I knew recreating the About Time movie poster that I would be in for a challenge.

The first challenge was capturing a photo of my husband and me without help. In order to do this, I practiced posing in front of the mirror so that the pose would feel comfortable and natural. I then went to a local garden with my husband and set up my camera on a tripod.

I framed the shot around my husband and focused my camera on him. I set the timer for ten seconds, so I would have enough time to press the button to capture the photo and get into position. In general, this system worked except for my husband looking and feeling extremely uncomfortable in all the shots.

I then had to focus on getting a genuine reaction out of my husband while taking a self-portrait. I did this by whispering inside jokes that made him laugh.

To me, it was important to capture genuine emotion in the photo because the emotions in the movie poster looked so natural and genuine. I felt that having these genuine and natural poses and reactions would help sell my recreation of the movie poster even more.

Below is the image I captured in the gardens.

recreating the rain

The second and most trying challenge was recreating rain onto my movie poster.

The original movie poster had large streams of rain. I tried to create this rain by creating a layer and adding a noise filter. I then added a motion blur. The motion blur helped take the little noise grains and make them long like rain droplets. In order to make the rain look more realistic, I added two layers of noise grain with motion blur going in different directions as if it was being blown in the wind.

On paper, this sounds easy but due to the amount of noise I created, I found very quickly that my computer would shut down and delete my work while I was editing the rain. I learned this can be caused by a lack of ram in the computer. My computer restarting wouldn’t have been a massive issue if I could have saved my work but due to the size of the photoshop file being over 2gb I was unable to save my work, which meant I spent several hours recreating rain.

Bringing It All Together

When I was finally able to export my rainy photo I was then able to start adding text. I chose a plain san serif font for the title text and added a slight drop shadow to help it have depth. I also added a small summary at the bottom of the poster in the classic movie poster font. 

I added the names of my husband and me above the text in a serif font to create contrast and hierarchy between the title font. I also decided to add more rain because I felt in my original edit the rain wasn’t noticeable enough. 

Below is my final recreation of the About Time movie poster.

Overall, I loved creating this movie poster. I learned so much about editing and what creates an effective advertisement for a movie. If you are thinking about creating your own movie poster, I would definitely recommend it!

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