What Is a Studio quality invisible black background?

SQIBB stands for studio-quality invisible black background. It is accomplished by using a single light and synching it with a flash trigger. When the flash goes off, the light will highlight the subject of the photo while the background remains black. Having a studio quality invisible black background is extremely convenient because it creates amazing opportunity for photography.

Learning to create a studio quality invisible black background

I had never tried capturing a studio quality invisible black background photo before but I love the style, so I was very excited to get started. My initial attempts were very disappointing.Despite becoming discouraged, I found that having someone point the light at my subject helped me get a better light and a stronger black background.



Conquering SQUIBB

Once I got over my initial insecurities with capturing studio quality invisible black backgrounds photos I was able to capture some awesome shots. I took the following three photos after being introduced to SQIBB. The photos of the bear and the baseball mitt were both taken outside, which was tricky trying to combat the natural light.




I even decided to try my hand with studio quality invisible black background (SQIBB) portraits! I had the beautiful Megan White model for me and I was able to capture the portrait below. My favorite part about the photo is that the black background helps bring more attention to her nice green eyes.


Studio quality invisible black background At Home

After a few days had passed I wanted to verify that I didn’t let me newfound studio quality invisible back background skills to go to waste, so I decided to do a little product photography.I used my Apple Watch and some artificial flowers I had to create a photo I felt would highlight the watch.

I set up on my grey kitchen counter and once I started shooting photos I noticed that the counter was throwing off the color scheme. I didn’t own a black backdrop so I took a solid black t-shirt and laid it beneath my products and resumed taking photos. Below is one of my favorite photos that I took. As you can see, it looks like I have a  studio quality invisible black background behind my watch. You do not see my counter and microwave in the photo.


Overall, I think creating studio quality invisible black backgrounds is a super fun photography technique and I would like to encourage anyone who is reading this to try it. You never know you might find that you love it!