Men’s Fashion

For my styled fashion shoot, I asked two men to model for me. Each man had a different style of dress. The first man was asked to dress in all denim to match his female counterpart while the second man was asked to dress more formally.

One of the models was slightly camera-shy, so I had to prompt him differently in order to get more appealing photos for my styled fashion shoot. I shot a variety of poses with each model to help show off their clothes and bring emotion to each of my images. Fashion not only looks good but it needs to feel good, so conveying emotion is absolutely vital. The greater the emotion or mood that is displayed the more enticing the clothes will be to the consumer.

After the styled fashion shoot, I edited each image in Adobe Lightroom and made additional edits in Adobe photoshop. Overall, I think the styled fashion shoot was a success!


NinaManlte-StyledFashionShootMendenimmanwithapple NinaMantle-StyledFashionShootMenDenimmanintree  NinaMantle-StyledFashionShootmendenimmanonladder.jpg


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