Photographing Fashion Things: A New Type of Product photography

An outfit is not complete without accessories. This also applies to fashion shoots. To help complete my fashion shoot I shot photos of a variety of accessories including, rings, bracelets, and aesthetic items. My main priority was to bring proper attention to the accessories. I accomplished this goal by shooting with a low depth of field and by exploring different framing options. I also varied the angle I shot the photos to create more visually pleasing accessory photos.








Models With Things: Showing Use

Accessories are beautiful but no matter how beautiful the accessory what matters is how it looks while being worn. I had both of my female models use accessories. It is important to photograph things or accessories being worn or used because it allows the view of the photo to connect with the photo in a new way. By bringing in a human element people can begin to imagine what the accessory will look like on themselves which can lead to making a sale.

I also added logos to the below photos to help show what the photos would look like as if they were actual advertisements you would see online or in a magazine.



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