Setting the Stage for Winter Wonderland themed Food Photography

These photos are the companion to my Winter Wonderland Product Photography blog posts. This time I decided to take photos of various foods while theming them for winter wonderland. I made sure to include lots of white and lights. I also made sure the reds were saturated to help give the winter wonderland holiday look.

For my first food I made hot chocolate and placed it in cute gingerbread mugs I found at Target. I then placed marshmallows and sprinkled cinnamon and red sprinkles to make the hot chocolate look attractive. I placed a string of lights in the background to add more light to the photo and bring the winter wonderland warmth to the photo. For the second photo, I added whipped cream instead of marshmallows for variety.

For the second set of photos, I wanted to bring the winter wonderland feeling, so I chose to photograph peppermint bark. Since peppermint is a usual winter treat I figured it would make a great addition to my winter wonderland food photography. The peppermint bark was styled with white chocolate and crushed candy canes which helped add a variety of color. I decided to add lights to help add depth to my food photography. I also added whole candy canes in the other photo to help add more color to my winter wonderland food photography peppermint bark.

For the third set of photos, I photographed food photography of white chocolate colored Oreos. These Oreos were mostly white with little flecks of red due to candy cane crumbs which definitely seemed like a treat that would be eaten in winter wonderland. To continue with my winter wonderland theme I added pine cones and candy canes to help sell that cozy winter feeling.







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