Completing The Winter Wonderland Themed Food Photography Shoot

Welcome to the final part of my winter wonderland themed food photography photoshoot. This is the second part of a two-part blog series of food photography that is winter wonderland themed. This blog post focuses on baked goods.

I decided to go with winter wonderland theming for my food photography because I absolutely love Christmas. It just brings all the warm feeling into my heart and with the crazy year we all have had so far, why not start Christmas a little early by photographing things that were winter wonderland themed.

To kick off my winter wonderland food photography with baked goods, I purchased some baked goods from Walmart. I picked up some carrot muffins and a small individual cherry pie. To style my muffins for the winter wonderland food photography photoshoot I pulled out one of my Christmas dish rags, a wire cooling rack, and some fake pine cones and branches. I took several photos from a variety of angles but below are my favorite ones.

For my second baked good, the individual cherry pie, I removed the dishrag and started photographing it as if it were a big pie. I think the light background helped give it the winter wonderland theming that I was hoping for. I also sliced into the pie to be able to give my audience an idea of the texture and filling inside. For that photo, I placed a red napkin underneath the pie to help create repetition of the color red throughout the photo.

Overall, I am quite pleased with how the photos turned out. I very much feel like you can feel the warmth of a happy and joyful winter wonderland radiating from this food photography.






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