The Need for a Winter Wonderland Food & Product Guide

Let’s set the scene. You’ve just come home from a long day from work. You are exhausted. You plop down on the couch and start scrolling through social media. You’re a little hungry but you don’t know what you want until you see a sponsored ad from your favorite fast-food restaurant (for me it’s Taco Bell). Immediately you start craving that food. We are extremely impressionable as consumers and having quality food and product photography helps increase the likelihood of a purchase. Justuno reported that “93% of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision.” Because food and product photography is absolutely vital when it comes to online sales and food purchases, I decided to put my food and product photography skills to the test by creating a winter wonderland food and product guide.

My personal style is taking landscapes and food and product photography. My editing style leans more toward a moody vibe with high contrast and having orange and yellow tints slightly boosted to create an autumn feeling. Although I didn’t use my normal editing style for my project, I did use similar editing techniques to brighten the reds and whites in my photos. For my project, I took photos of 5 products and 5 foods and within each photo, I used backdrops and embellishments to create a winter wonderland theme. I used external lighting to help bring focus to the foods and products that I was photographing.

I chose this project as my final project for the year because I really wanted to push myself to see what I could do. I wanted to strengthen my food and product photography skills as those are the ones that I foresee myself using the most in my future career. My goal is to eventually become a social media manager and I feel that having strong food and product photography skills will help me be more valuable as I can help create content as well as plan the campaigns the photos will be part of. I chose to do a winter wonderland food and product guide because it was the most cost-effective theme as I already own a plethora of Christmas and winter wonderland themed decorations.

I have learned so much during the last few months. The most valuable thing I have learned is what makes an effective product photo. I loved learning how to shoot SQIBB (studio quality invisible black background) and becoming more and more familiar with my camera settings. I feel that I have definitely grown more into the type of photographer I would want to be and I feel more comfortable in professional settings and offering my services.

This winter wonderland food and product guide was the icing on the cake for my learning experience. I feel confident that I could produce effective and visually pleasing photos for an employer because of what I have learned from this project. I hope to continue to develop my eye for food and product photography because I truly believe that effective food and product photography will either make or break a business.

Winter Wonderland Food & Product Guide Process

I learned so much about external lighting during this project. I had to be creative because I didn’t have as many lights as I wanted. I plan on doing a similar project like this in the upcoming future so this was the perfect trial run. I purchased a variety of linoleum tiles to use as backdrops so that I could experiment with what backgrounds looked best with which products. I eventually decided on the marble tile as the wall and the wood as the base.

I used a light on a stand, a reflector, fairy lights, and my phone flashlight to create the lighting that you see in these photos. To see all of my photos be sure to check out my Winter Wonderland blog posts. In post, I raised the shadows, upped the contrast, and brightened the red and white colors so that they would be the most vibrant so that you could easily tell there was a winter wonderland theme in the project.

Originally, I had planned for a portrait sized magazine book but then decided against it as I had taken most of my photos in landscape, so they didn’t look quite right squished.  I created the rectangles to help bring variety in the negative space while being a slight nod to candy cane stripes. I used my brand’s fonts for the title and body text.

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