Creating Winter Wonderland Product Photography With Bath & Body Works Products

I decided to practice my product photography skills with a themed photoshoot. With the holidays coming up I decided to get in the mood by having a winter wonderland-themed product photography shoot. I absolutely love Bath & Body Works, so I went and stocked up on some of their winter scents. I thought the packaging would help sell the winter wonderland theme especially when I paired the products with artificial pine cones and tree branches.

I started by taking photos of the candles. I wanted to accent the candles with winter wonderland themed objects that would also help the colors in the product stand out more. For the Frosted Cranberry candle, I set the candle on a red and green dish rag and piled pine cones, berries, and tree branches. The red rag and berries helped bring out the red in the candle. For the second candle I went for lighter tones and decided to pair it with gold and simple pine cones. I used linoleum tiles to create the backdrops so there could be that light airy feeling that many people associate with winter wonderland.

For the fine fragrance mist, I wanted a multiple product shot and a single product shot. I styled the fine fragrance mists with tree branches and a santa hat to help sell the winter wonderland theme. For the single product photography shot I used a dark background and a singular branch with berries.

The next item was Bath & Bodyworks PocketBacs (germ-x). I grabbed several of these in winter wonderland themed colors. I placed the frosted cranberry scent onto one of my fake branches because I thought it paired well with the berries on the branch. The product photo I had all the pocketbacs and styled them with the branch and some candy canes to help bring in that winter wonderland feeling.

In post I edited the photos in Lightroom and bumped up the red saturation and upped the exposure. I throught having a higher contrast with the reds would help bring more attention to the product itself and help create an even stronger winter wonderland feeling.







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